A fantastic service from CBC Motorcycles

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A fantastic service from CBC Motorcycles

Post by Jay » Oct 19th, '18, 15:39

Well what can i say.......
Chris from CBC Motorcycles has worked wonders on my CBR 1000RR after I destroyed my gearbox with the well know weak 3rd gear on the fireblades.
After a lengthy time of trying to get the engine out of the frame , resulting in a complete strip down so that only the frame and engine were left so they he could turn it upside down to remove the rear bottom engine mount bolt........
His work is second to none and i must say that he will be the only person who does any sort of work on my bike from now on.
Highly recommeneded and his charges are very good.
Thanks again Chris.

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Re: A fantastic service from CBC Motorcycles

Post by DevonBlue » Oct 20th, '18, 00:45

Yep , seconded. Adjusted my throttle position sensor a couple of weeks ago as had a really snatchy throttle - didn't even have to leave the house as did a home visit, was there a couple of hours and only charged £60, tons better now , great service. :-bd

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