Insurance Problem

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Insurance Problem

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After riding my r6 for a little over 3 years, it is finally time to move on to a "new motorcycle". I have decided to treat myself to a brand new machine which was a great idea until I started getting some insurance quotes.

I am a 21 year old male and I have been ridding a 2003 R6 for the past 3 years. Below is a list of bikes that I have short-listed with a insurance quote. Insurance quotes are the cheapest I can find (Fully comp) after many internet quotes from various sites.

GSXR600 - £373
GSXR750 - £401
GSXR1000 - £7984

CBR600rr - £370
CBR1000rr - £7984

R6 - £393
R1 - £7984

ZX6R - £355
ZX10R - £7984

Does this sound correct to anyone with the 1000cc bikes being so high? I mean are they that much more powerful than the 600cc and the 750cc?

There is nothing in my life that should make the quotes that high. I have 3 years NCB. Rent my own house with a garage. Safe job, No commuting. Data tag on bike etc etc

If anyone could shed any light on why the quotes are so high for the 1000cc i would be grateful
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Re: Insurance Problem

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I apologise for the Double post. I'm not quite sure why it did that and i am unable to delete
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Re: Insurance Problem

Post by deej »

Almost definetly your age and the engine size,may also be the area you live in

Ins companies are a law unto themselves and never make any sense. Just keep shopping around and you should be able to bring it down use code SWB10 for discount
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Re: Insurance Problem

Post by TLS-Moose »

Looking at that list, go buy a GSXR 750 8)

The price jump from 600/750 to 1000 does seem a bit much ....... did you consider how what difference there would be if the bike was a year or two old :?

Your postcode, security measures, and where the bike is kept will have significant impact on the premium too ....

duplicate post deleted by the way :wink:
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