Got it trouble.. Stupid Comparison Websites

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Got it trouble.. Stupid Comparison Websites

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Basically.. been insured now on my ZZR1100 since last September... but had a phone call from MCE last week, telling me I hadnt declared a claim that was made in January 2009 after my serious accident.. I remember when filling out the online forms I had put down the no fault £6k claim..

They said, pay us an additional £200 odd or we'll cancel your insurance now.. :roll: I was adiment I put the claim on the Bike Insurer quote pages.. I know I did because I had some stupidly high quotes of £3-4k.. and MCE was only £230.. I even checked the final check page and it was on there..

Just thought I say if you have claims make sure you know they are declared or they will find out!
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