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Re: Bike Modifications?

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I use Adrian Flux, all my modifications are declared and covered on a like for like basis, so I know that if my Ohlins R&T forks get bent they will be replaced with the same, I have an agreed value policy, so if my bike is a total loss they will pay out the amount needed to build a replacement that is identical. Arian Flux will also cover nitrous oxide which is handy as I've fitted it to several bikes lately, and turbo installs. When you have a bike that is extensively modded it is worth declaring everything, A/ so that the insurers do not try to deny the claim, which would potentially open you up to charges of no insurance, and law suits in the event of injuring a third party. B/ I've spent a small fortune building my bike and I want to know that it will be fully repaired replaced if something should happen.
I've increased the cylinder capacity by 60% and doubled the power output, with no problems with Adrian Flux.
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